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Treads Expanded Metal

Treads Expanded Metal Mesh

is lightweight, durable, inexpensive and provides some traction. We don't need special equipment or tools to install the gratings. It is the ideal material for industrial walkways and stair treads.

Treads Expanded Metal Mesh has safer tread surface and permits maximum passage of light and air. Heavy duty grating can provide savings of up to 50% over other steel grating alternatives are not uncommon.

Expanded Metal Mesh Professional Terms

DESIGN SIZE:     Actual dimensions SWD and LWD.
Measured from a point to a corresponding point on the design shown.
SWD:                   Nominal dimension Short Way of Design.
SWO:                   Short Way of Opening.
LWD:                   Nominal dimension Short Long of Design.
LWO:                   Long Way of Opening.
STRANDS:          The sides of the expanded metal design.
STRAND THICK: Gauge thickness of metal expanded.
STRAND WIDTH:Amount of metal fed under dies to produce one strand.
BOND:                 The solid intersection of two strands.

Treads Expanded Metal Mesh Description

Product name:

Treads Expanded Metal Mesh.


Stainless steel sheet, Galvanized sheet, Aluminum sheet, low carbon steel, etc.

Hole shapes:

diamond, square, round, triangle, scale hole, hexagonal.


green, white, black, blue, silver or other RAL colors.


0.5 mm – 8 mm.


2.5 mm – 50 mm.


4.5 mm – 100 mm.

Surface treatment:

galvanized, PVC-coated, painted, spray coating.


walkways, stairways, Treads of stairs in various places, Floors of outdoors balconies and places of requirement on ventilation and heat dissipation.


1. It is made of one continuous piece of material yielding a greater strength to weight ratio.
2. There are no welded parts and the surface is naturally skid proof without further processing.
3. The pattern and openings provides a wider range of load capacity gratings to meet your exact requirements giving greater economy to your project.
4. Expanded steel grating is the most practical and economical way to assure strength, safety and non-skid surface.
5. It is easily cut into irregular shapes and can be installed quickly by welding or bolting.


1. On pallet with waterproof cloth.
2. In wooden case with waterproof paper
3. Special packaging can be customized according to customer's requirement

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A: Yes, we can provide you free sample for testing.
Q: What is your payment term?
A: TT, LC, DP, Western Union, Paypal, etc. Note: you can apply for OA payment.
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A: Yes, as long as provide specification or drawing, we can produce products what you want.
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A: More than 500 kinds of spot stock products, the fastest delivery is 24 hours. Customized products, the fastest delivery is 15-20 days

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