Special Hole Perforated Metal Screen Sheet / Mesh
Special Hole Perforated Metal Sheet
Small Expanded Metal Mesh / Sheet
Small Expanded Metal Sheet
Special Expanded Metal Mesh / Sheet

Special Expanded Metal Mesh

is made of original steel sheet with advanced technology and special die cutting and expansion.

Type is more beautiful and bearing capacity is more stronger.

Different from ordinary steel mesh is mainly on the hole type.




stainless steel sheet, low carbon steel sheet, aluminum sheet, nickel sheet, titanium sheet, copper sheet, galvanized sheet, etc.

Hole type

hexagonal, flower type hole, square, tortoise shell type hole and hexagonal combination type. Special hole type can be customized.

Surface treatment

Hot-dipped galvanized, Electric galvanized, plastic coated, Untreated.


Used in various fields, such as workshops, ships, mining operations, floors, walkways, treads, trench covering, transmission, crane sides, fences, etc.