Small Expanded Metal Mesh / Sheet
Small Expanded Metal Mesh
Round Hole Perforated Metal Sheet
Round hole perforated metal sheet
Perforated Metal Screen Sheet / Mesh

Round Hole Perforated Metal Sheet

is punched out of large and small round holes on different material metal sheet.

It is the most common hole type, also the most widely used hole in perforated sheet.
Round hole is very popular.




Galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, cold rolled sheet, hot rolled sheet, 201 stainless steel sheet, 304 stainless steel sheet, 316 stainless steel sheet, 316L stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, high manganese steel sheet, copper sheet, nickel sheet and alloy sheet.

Surface treatment

Hot-dipped galvanized, Electric galvanized, plastic coated, Oxidation.


Bending resistance, easy to process, flat surface, strong and durable, easy to install, good sound-absorbing effect, light weight, long service life, accurate size and wide application field. Can be painted or oxidized to resist aging and rust.


Be mainly used in construction engineering, food processing, petrochemical, mining, medicine, grain screening, indoor sound insulation, noise reduction, grain depot ventilation, mechanical protection, etc. Stainless steel water fruit basket, food cover, fruit plate and other kitchenware for kitchen equipment, as well as shelf net for shopping malls, ventilation net for decoration exhibition stands, grain depots, and seepage water filter screen for football field lawn. Also widely used in electronic industry, such as dust-proof and sound proof cover of sound, food and beverage machinery, cigarette handling and unloading, harvester, dry cleaner, ironing table, silencing equipment, refrigeration equipment, paper-making, hydraulic accessories, filtering equipment, etc.