Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh / Sheet
Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh
Decorative Perforated Metal Screen Sheet / Mesh
Decorative perforated sheet
Fence Expanded Metal Mesh / Sheet

Fence Expanded Metal Mesh

also known as anti glare net, can ensure the continuity and horizontal visibility of anti glare facilities, and also isolate the up and down lanes, so as to achieve the purpose of anti glare and isolation.

Fence Expanded Metal Mesh is economical and beautiful in appearance, with less wind resistance.




Low carbon steel sheet, galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, aluminum alloy sheet, etc.


Be widely used in highway anti vertigo net, urban road, military barracks, national defense boundary, park, building villa, residential area, sports place, airport, road green belt, etc. as barriers, fences, etc.


Convenient installation, not easy to damage, small contact surface, not easy to dust, can be used for a long time, special mesh can be processed and customized.