Architectural Expanded Metal
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Architectural Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal Mesh Sheets in Aluminum or Steel, for Architecture Ceiling, Cladding, Facade, Partition
Expanded Metal Plaster Mesh

Expanded Metal Plaster Mesh

is a kind of reinforced material in building decoration, it is made by cutting and stretching the steel plate into a diamond-shaped mesh.

Plaster mesh is mainly used in the plastering works in high-rise buildings, civil buildings, workshops or warehouses, etc.
The uneven surface gives it a strong adhesive force that can be tightly coupled with building materials to prevent cracks due to changes in temperature, humidity and mechanical stress.

Expanded plaster mesh can be applied to concrete, brick, wood, plaster surfaces.

Expanded Metal Mesh Professional Terms

DESIGN SIZE:     Actual dimensions SWD and LWD.
Measured from a point to a corresponding point on the design shown.
SWD:                   Nominal dimension Short Way of Design.
SWO:                   Short Way of Opening.
LWD:                   Nominal dimension Short Long of Design.
LWO:                   Long Way of Opening.
STRANDS:          The sides of the expanded metal design.
STRAND THICK: Gauge thickness of metal expanded.
STRAND WIDTH:Amount of metal fed under dies to produce one strand.
BOND:                 The solid intersection of two strands.

Expanded Metal Plaster Mesh Description

Product name:

Expanded Metal Plaster Mesh


cold-rolled metal sheet.

Sheet Thickness:

0.5 mm - 1.6 mm, according to the properties of the plaster mesh can be adjusted.

Opening size:

15 × 7, 20 × 8, 30 × 12, 40 × 16, 45 × 17, 50 × 18 mm.

Roll height:

1.0 m - 2.5 m.

Roll length:

10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 25 m, 30 m.

Surface treatment:

galvanized or untreated.


Expanded metal plaster mesh is widely used as reinforcing material to reinforce floor, ceiling and pavements in construction industry.


1. High strength with relatively light weight.
2. Flame retardancy, resistance to harsh environments and water resistance.
3. Easy to cut and can be bent, can be adjusted according to need.
4. Strong adhesion stress, good crack resistance, shockproof.
5. Durable with longer lifespan.


1. On pallet with waterproof cloth.
2. In wooden case with waterproof paper
3. In carton box
4. Special packaging can be customized according to customer's requirement

There are several different types of plaster mesh, such as chain link mesh, chicken wire, welded wire mesh roll, fiberglass cloth, woven wire cloth and expanded plaster mesh.

Here are their comparisons with expanded plaster mesh:

Compared with the welded wire mesh roll and woven wire mesh, expanded plaster mesh has no suture, no welding, and the structure is complete and stable, which greatly reduces the work in the installation and transportation.

In addition, unlike fiberglass cloth, expanded plaster mesh has absolute flame retardancy, durability, resistance to harsh environments and water resistance.

Because expanded plaster mesh is made by cutting and stretching, in its production process is almost no waste, so it can save production costs, and the price is relatively lower than others.
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