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Expanded Metal Mesh Filter

Expanded Metal Mesh Filter

is expanded and stretched into various shapes, with special technology, there is no any welds and joints on the surface, so it is more rigid and solid than the welded wire mesh. In some filtering applications, the environment is harsh, the expanded metal filter element has more durable life than the welded filter element.

Expanded Metal Mesh Filter can also be used as support mesh of the filter element, such as knitted wire mesh, carbon filter elements and other materials of filter elements.

Expanded Metal Mesh Professional Terms

DESIGN SIZE:     Actual dimensions SWD and LWD.
Measured from a point to a corresponding point on the design shown.
SWD:                   Nominal dimension Short Way of Design.
SWO:                   Short Way of Opening.
LWD:                   Nominal dimension Short Long of Design.
LWO:                   Long Way of Opening.
STRANDS:          The sides of the expanded metal design.
STRAND THICK: Gauge thickness of metal expanded.
STRAND WIDTH:Amount of metal fed under dies to produce one strand.
BOND:                 The solid intersection of two strands.

Expanded Metal Mesh Filter Description

Product name:

Expanded Metal Mesh Filter


Stainless steel sheet, Galvanized sheet, Aluminum sheet, low carbon steel, etc.

Hole shapes:

diamond, square, round, triangle, scale hole, hexagonal.


Original color of raw material.

Filter shape:

disc, conical, wedge-shaped, basket-shaped, V-shaped, cylindrical, etc.

Surface type:

raised, flattened.


Expanded metal filters are used mostly in commercial, industrial and OEM facilities.

They are used for a variety of applications including heating, air conditioning and other hvac requirements, grease filters,oil or water mist control, large particulate collection or heavy particulate collection.


1. High strength, not easy to be damaged.
2. Lightweight with flexible structure.
3. Basically no loss in the production process, saving costs.
4. Can be mounted on curved and angled surfaces.
5. Durable with longer lifespan.


1. On pallet with waterproof cloth.
2. In wooden case with waterproof paper.
3. In carton box.
4. Special packaging can be customized according to customer's requirement.

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