Decorative Perforated Metal Screen Sheet / Mesh
Decorative perforated sheet
Coated Expanded Metal Mesh / Sheet
Coated Expanded Metal Mesh
Decorative Perforated Metal Screen Sheet / Mesh

Decorative Perforated Metal Sheet

is made of metal plates perforated with various designs with good permeability and decorative effects.

Mainly used for decoration of doors and windows, panels, elevator cabinets, stand, shelf; can be used as sound absorption wall materials for the ceiling and walls in building; also used as exquisite decorative sheets for building staircases, balconies, and environmental friendly office furniture.




galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel and alloy plate as raw materials, etc.

Hole type

long hole, round hole, square hole, triangular hole, fish scale hole, bridge hole, diamond hole, pentagonal hole, hexagon hole, figure hole, cross hole, nail hole, plum hole, herringbone hole, and other shaped holes, etc.


Easy to process and shape, can be painted or polished, easy to install, eye-catching appearance, good sound-absorbing effect, light weight, long service life, accurate size, and its performance bending resistance, anti-aging, not easy to rust, widely used;The mesh surface is smooth and durable.


Handicraft production, decoration exhibition;
Sales desk and other decorative storage functions;
External wall decoration and indoor ceiling;
Interior wall partition, balustrade and screen.