Perforated Metal Screen Sheet / Mesh
Aluminum Perforated Metal Sheet
alumnium expanded mesh

Aluminum Expanded Sheet

suitable for a range of applications, offers good strength and corrosion resistance as well as a lighter weight than steel, copper and brass.

Aluminum expanded sheets have openings to permit the passage of light, air, heat and sound.




aluminum sheet

Hole type

hexagonal, flower type hole, square, tortoise shell type hole and hexagonal combination type. Special hole type can be customized.


Widely used in security, sifting, machinery guards, flooring, walkways, window protection, fire screen, ventilation, security mesh, ceiling tiles, filter screen, etc.


1. Lighter weight
2. Durable
3. One-piece construction
4. Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
5. Easy cutting and shearing
6. Ventilation properties
7. Economical
8. Attractive
9. Low wind resistance
10. Screen and guarding properties